lphaville, a store / gallery in New York specializing in vintage / antique toys & movie posters, began as a dream.

Owners Steve and Gary started an odyssey and quest for childhood artifacts twenty years ago by traveling through different states, handpicking various collectible / antique toys and related objects with an eye towards aesthetics and feeling.

Although many items are dated within the span of this century, the emphasis falls during the '40s, '50s, '60s and '70s. A quick glance at this era's vintage toys fills the senses with wonderment, imagination, and above all-peace. The colors, shapes, & characters all speak for themselves. Nowhere else, in any other period of time in this century, will you find the palette of colors as soft and pastel. Even in their simplest form and function, one thing we all agree on, are the memories of these toys and what seemed like a million hours of pure fun. Our toys are definitely indicative of their time.