Vintage French Composition Doll vintage french composition doll vintage french composition doll
France circa '30s

Originally sold in a French Museum gift shop, then recently discovered in an American warehouse stored for 50 years, this 1930's 17" tall composition doll with moveable jointed arms, legs, and head, features a wonderful hand painted folk art quality. Unusual shoed with socks child has a naked innocence. Condition of this 70 year old piece is overall excellent. There are numerous light scuffs and marks none of which detract from overall appearance and display. Head retains all it's painted features and is crisp. There is a speck of paint off the tip of right thumb. Shoes show some white (could be from how it was painted). There are some red light scuffs around shoe area. Doll has no chips or cracks.

$135.00 USA ONLY